An Orchestral Delight

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An Orchestral Delight

As directors of C and D Tees we have to make sure we are out and about at gigs and other events to gain our inspiration! on our latest trip to Liverpool, one of our favourite cities, we went to see one of our favourite bands OMD. It’s been 40 years since OMD played their first ever gig at the legendary Eric’s club on Mathew Street.

To celebrate they played two shows with the 70 piece Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra at the hall that they call home. OMD’s music has always had that orchestral (the clue is in the name) feel about it and to hear the songs they wrote on homemade synthesizers and broken tape machines all those years ago re-imagined this way was quite something.

It doesn’t work for all bands but it was made for OMD. To see Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphries be genuinely moved by the brilliant arrangements of these old experimental electronic soundscapes into full orchestral movements was a delight.

As always they dug deep into their huge back catalogue to play some tracks never aired live before and some tracks from the new LP. The second half of the show was mainly about the hits. I’ll never get bored of hearing Enola Gay live, but this rework was wonderful. It really was a triumphant celebration in the band’s home city. A night I’ll never forget.

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