Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

A few of our favourite bands have made very public announcements

over the years that they are splitting up for good and will play some

final gigs. Lcd Soundsystem, Arab Strap and The Streets to name three of them.

Lcd played a huge "final show" at Madison Square Garden and made

a documentary about it. Arab Strap did the Ten Years Of Tears gigs and released a farewell best of LP. The Streets last track on their last LP was called Lock The Locks. A perfect full stop. But then after a few years apart the lure of the festival circuit and promoters cash seems to get them back together. And then they make a new record. As a fan of all of these bands I always yearn for the perfect ending. The emotional farewell. The "I was at their last gig" moment. But then I go to the reformed gigs and buy the new LPs and am delighted that they are back. You tend to see a new generation at the gigs that never got to see the band the first time around and that can only be a good thing. The LPs are normally great because the band have been apart for some time and the pressure to deliver a new LP to the record company has gone and the members are reinvigorated. We may not get the perfect ending, but we get a pretty good part two.