Our T-shirt Company is born!

So what is C&D T-shirts all about?


It all started about 18 months ago with a conversation between founders and best mates Pete Wood and Trevor Shepherd. Pete is a local DJ in Chichester with a passion for music and Keen record collector. Pete’s favourite genre of music is Disco and Electronic. Trevor Shepherd is a local entrepreneur with an online business and a keen interest in music, graphic design and everything retro.


The beginning


The concept of C&D started one late night over too many pints of lager and a conversation about men’s Tee shirts. We started exploring music lyrics and the idea of producing high quality t-shirts with a twist. We both agree that its too easy to take a lyric or an image and slap it on a tee shirt, we both like design and playing with ideas and exploring where we can take a concept and turn it into a great image with a humorous play on words.

The conversation went from initial ideas to planning the new company. Some of our ideas could potentially ruffle feathers and we got onto the subject of cease and desist letters and there the brand name was born! C & D Tee’s.


Our Very first t-shirt


The first t-shirt was inspired by Pete’s heroes The Human League and their huge album from 1981 titled DARE. The album Dare became not only one of Rolling stones top 100 all time great albums but an iconic piece of art work that was inspired by Vogue magazine. We wanted to pay homage to the Dare album with our own subtle take so we used the font from the album with our own twist of words to produce our first T-shirt titled ‘I Dare you’ which has been produced as a ltd run men’s tshirt. We love it and hope Human league fans do too.


The Environment


All our men’s designer t-shirts are hand printed and hand finished in the UK. We believe as a company that we have a responsibility to the environment as well as to our customers to produce the finest quality t-shirts.

All our tee’s are carbon neutral, eco friendly produced, down to the swing tickets and tissue paper so our customers can be sure of the finest quality tshirts with the best feel and consideration to the environment.




We have a huge database of ideas and constantly explore humorous, innovative and quirky and graphically appealing t-shirts.

Moving forward we will be producing 80’s tshirts, electronica t-shirts, rock tees, music tshirts with our own unique twist.

New lines will be launched every 3 months, hand made for your pleasure!


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