It’s All About The Music

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It’s All About The Music

I’ve been a record collector all of my life. Every Remix 12”, every 7” with different b-sides, every Picture Disc, Coloured Vinyl, Imports. You name it I collect it. I don’t, however, buy the whole 'vinyl sounds better' debate.

The snobbery in that particular argument annoys the most. I bought hundreds of CD singles in the 90s because you got far more for your money when it came to extra remixes. It’s all about the music you see. It makes no odds how it is delivered.

I treasure each CD as much as every record. And they are called Records, not Vinyls. Collecting is an obsession, but not every music fan must own everything.

The Streaming or MP3 brigade have just as much right to enjoy their music however they want it delivered. Music should never be elitist. There will always be collectors. There will always be listeners. There is room for us all. For the love of everything music, and of course T shirts, head over to the website to see the new collection!