Our t-shirt Influences

So what Inspired us to make a t-shirt?

Life is about experiences and memories! As a child growing up in the 70's and 80's so many things influence the designs for my T-shirts, from bouncing down the garden on my space hopper and going to my first concert to having my first pint and hearing Prince for the first time, these memories are tattoo'd on my brain.


T-shirts are an expression of ones personality and our personalities are made up from the things that influence us when we are growing up. Here at C and D tees we love iconic moments and nostalgic events and this is our main inspiration. 

A personal hero that inspired one of my favourite T-shirts is the legend that is Prince. Prince or The Kid as he was nicknamed (keep an eye open for the Kid T-shirt coming soon) was born on 7th June 1958 and grew up in Minnesota. Prince went on to form Prince and the revolution in the early 1980 and in 1984 one of the most influential albums ever made was produced 'Purple rain' , This album is my all time favourite and one that I have so many great memories around. There are so many great tracks on this album but for me 'Purple rain' captures the moment perfectly for me. 

prince purple rain

Our T'shirt Purple rain is a nod to my personal hero. Prince lives on through his music and seeing him perform live at the O2 and again at his after show party will be stay with me forever!

You can purchase our ltd edition Purple rain box T-shirt here.