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We called our company Cease & Desist as a tongue in cheek reference to some of our designs taking references from all sorts of music, film and art culture. When we saw an old advert for an early Human League gig at the legendary Limit which Glenn Gregory had found and Martyn Ware posted on twitter, we thought it would make a great t shirt. We went about redrawing the advert, paying close attention to detail, so that we could get a high res image good enough to print. We asked Martyn if he would mind us making a t...

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Debbie Harry... our latest Iconic legend of the 1970's with a blend of Dirty Harry. Oh Er!

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Why supreme wisdom? one of our latest t-shirts designed to pay homage to this amazing man, to celebrate a higher intelligence and one of the best skate brands, 'Supreme' in the world! We do love our iconic brands.

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