Taking the Mickey!

There is a big difference between embellishing a design and outright ‘taking the mickey’.

Throughout history designers and artists have been inspired by other artists and designers and taken inspiration from their work. Examples of this can been seen from Banksy, Jimmy Cauty , Jamie Reid and Andy Warhol to name a few.

Some would argue embellishing someone else’s design is the highest form of flattery, others an insult to the artist. Either way the important thing is to maintain the integrity of the design and hopefully enhance it.

Two Iconic brands that we love are Mickey Mouse and Adidas; Both steeped in history and loved by millions. It occurred to us at C and D that had Mickey wore a brand it would be Adidas!

 In 1928 a legend was born and his name was Mickey Mouse. The first movie Mickey ever starred in was Steamboat Willie and to this day Mickey mouse holds a special place in our hearts. We hope our Mickey x Adidas t-shirt salutes both iconic designs rather than takes the Mickey!


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