The High Price of Nostalgia

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The High Price of Nostalgia

As Soft Cell become the latest band to announce a one off farewell gig in the huge O2 Arena and tickets virtually sell out in minutes and start to appear on resell sites, it has become clear that the market for these shows with heritage acts plodding through the hits remain as popular as ever.

Don’t get me wrong I love the bands that play these gigs, it’s the mad scramble for tickets that I find a bit nauseating. Nobody bought the last Human League LP, no one really cared when The Streets stopped, Kraftwerk have virtually been re issuing the same compilation LP for years as no one bought the last new record they made, which was 9 years ago! There are are some exceptions to this rule. OMD have put 3 brilliant new records out in the last few years and toured solidly, playing smaller and better venues and dropping plenty of new material in the set alongside their huge array of hit singles.

They also play special shows featuring lesser known material to the fans that want to hear it. Blancmange play in tiny venues and showcase their vast array of new material, which I personally enjoy more than the hits. Heaven 17 play the early Human League material that Phil & The Girls refuse to play in the much bigger and more boring sit down venues that they now inhabit. It’s what the crowd want at these type of heritage shows and the bored chatter amongst them as the band play a slightly more obscure single or album track proves this. I don’t blame the bands for doing this at all, but I wish that some of them would take a few risks with the setlist and please a few more of the fans that did buy the new records.

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