The history of a T-shirts (and why we love them!)

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The history of a T-shirts (and why we love them!)

Let me take you back to America 1920, the roaring 20’s or so they say! But for America it was actually a decade of poverty, and dramatic social and political changes.

 It was by the 1920’s that the word ‘T-shirt’ became an official American-English word in the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, but way before that, the T-Shirt was preferred by dockworkers and farmers for its lightweight fabric, not forgetting the Tee was adopted by the Army as part of the standard issue uniform.

So, back to present day in the UK and the T-shirt industry is certainly booming, heading around the shops on a sunny day there are T-shirt stalls everywhere, and there is nothing more I love than looking at T-shirt designs 

I do think that is where C&D Tees have the edge, not to blow our own trumpet too much, but the slightly quirky, music and retro inspired Tees really do stand out. All you have to do is head to Get Cutie in Brighton or Interior in Lewes to check out our latest designs.

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