The Smaller The Better

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The Smaller The Better

We’ve been going to a few gigs over the past few of months. We are a short train ride from Brighton which is blessed with some brilliant intimate venues. We think there is no place better to experience live music than in a small (sometimes tiny) venue.

The huge arena and stadium shows have their place for sure. Those massive artists who couldn’t get everyone in need them, but they could do what bands used to do and play a proper tour.

We remember when bands came to us. Now it's London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and that’s it. Ticket prices have gone through the roof (if the venue has one!). As lighting and stage effects have improved these make for decent spectacles

but the music somehow gets lost. It’s almost like theatre. There is nothing quite like being right up there with the band, quite literally when we went to see The International Teachers Of Pop! We were lucky enough to get tickets to see Primal Scream play to 300 people. They loved it, the crowd loved it. It was Maximum Rock N Roll. We saw The Orb in the same venue. I used to see them play

in Brixton Academy but this was so much better. You could feel the floor shake. We’ve got Creep Show coming up. More electronic music legends digging out the old machines and having fun. We can see them, they can see us. It’s how it’s supposed to be.