The things that dreams are made of! What makes a great song lyric for a t-shirt?

Ever just listened to a song and been moved lyrically?

There’s something powerful about words and the way they are used to capture a feeling, a moment in time, an opinion.

Throughout musical history artists have created masterpieces and inspired us with their music; Artists such as The Beatles, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Prince, David Bowie and Stevie Wonder to name but a few have moved us with lyrics and music. For me listening to Purple Rain by Prince

Here at C and D we love music and lyrics but we want more than just a T-shirt with lyrics on it like so many generic companies out there. We choose lyrics that inspire us and also that can be adapted to create graphically appealing images.

Our t-shirts we hope don’t just look good but hopefully inspire people to look further beyond the design but at the artist and hopefully discover something new that inspires them.

We are huge fans of electronica music and get inspired by bands like New Order, Blancmange, Heaven 17 and of course The Human League!

Trawling through lyrics we decided to produce a T-shirt from the Song ‘The things that dreams are made of’ and chose the line New York, Ice Cream, TV, Travel, Good Times which lyrically we love but graphically works really well.

We hope you love the finished piece!


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