What goes into our T-shirts

So What goes into our t-shirts?


For C&D T-shirts printing a tee shirt isn’t just popping something popular onto a cheap Tee in vinyl print, Its so much more!

We are perfectionists and don’t believe in compromise. Our tshirts are 155 gram, 100% organic cotton and made with carbon neutral processes. They are brushed cotton to give a luxurious handle.


The printing process


All our T-shirts are hand printed with water based inks. Why water based inks? Most t-shirt printers use Plastisol inks which contain PVC and Phosphates that are harmful to the environment, these techniques also require solvents in the cleaning process. All our products are cleaned with water and so have no environmental impact.

Our Permaset colours wash at 40 degrees and also have superior pigments for vibrant and long lasting colour.


Our Designs


Every design is considered carefully, worked and reworked until we decide it’s worthy of being a C&D Tshirt. Every season we plan to produce a main collection of music inspired t-shirts along with iconic t-shirts and movie t-shirts.

We take a simple idea like a song lyric and research the band and the song to create a humorous, witty or thought provoking T-shirt that may not be instantly obvious but hopefully create something new and different to the norm.

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