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What makes a cult movie?

I remember (Just) as a child in 1982 tip-toeing down stairs and popping the video into our VHS player to watch ‘An American Werewolf in London’.There was something about the simple effects, the humour that drew you in and made you watch it again and again.

As time goes on fan bases grow for films like ‘Eraserhead’ and ‘The Evil dead’. What we see and hear shapes us and our views on life and many films had a deeper message than just entertainment.

Memories from our past stay in our mind and very often we look back years later at movies and link them to a point in our life that we had fond memories of, just like a song can transport you back in time to a period that holds a place in your heart.

One such movie is Stanley Kubrick’sA clockwork Orange’ from 1971. Kubrick created a ground breaking movie at a time, pushing the boundaries of brutality and offensiveness that had not been seen before. This director along with a few others shaped the way movies were produced. For these reasons A clockwork Orange grew a fan base and became a cult classic.

Kubrick filmed part of the movie in The Chelsea Drug Store, a hip and modern building on the Kings road, London. The bar held a record store, bars and a chemist. Many celebrities used to visit this bar and the Rolling stones sung about it in their song ‘You can’t always get what you want’. All these factors create a romance and a mystery around the movie which enhances its cult status.

At C and D we want to push the boundries a little futher than just popping an album cover or a movie title on a t-shirt so we researched the movie ‘A clockwork Orange’ and created the Chelsea drug store t-shirt as a nod to this cult movie.

We hope you like it.