What Makes a T Shirt Design Famous?

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What Makes a T Shirt Design Famous?

Recently I have been pondering the question “What makes a t-shirt design famous”? is it because people so strongly identify with a brands such as Adidas With their three stripe tee, let’s face it this T-shirt has been sold thousands of times to people all over the world, us humans with a sheep-like mentality just follow the flock and do what everyone else is doing, buy what everyone else is buying.

Does anyone remember in the mid 2000s when Jesus is my homeboy t-shirt design made an incredible amount of money, a design that actually started off as a local movement In LA, Then transformed on to a tee by entrepreneur Chris Hoy. Celebrities such as Ben Affleck, Ashton Kutcher, and Brad Pitt wearing the garments, we all love a bit of celebrity endorsement.  for any of you wondering where all this Jesus is my homeboy come from check this blog out it's brilliant. 

So, in my humble opinion, the best 3 tee designs of all time

1 Rolling Stones Lick

Taken from one of the best rock albums of all time, the ‘lick’ graphic from the Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers album quickly becomes one of rocks most iconic symbols, which is based on Mick Jaggers mouth, and cost the band £50 for the design back in 1969!

2 Hard Rock Cafe

Surrounding yourself with beer, nachos and amazing burgers, along with listening to some of the best rock tracks of all time, is my idea of heaven, then along comes the merchandise! Hard Rock Cafe is a marketeers dream, these Tees over time have become so collectable, with over 100 restaurants, it makes you want to collect as many as you can to prove you are a well seasoned rock n roll traveller!

3 I Love NY

Designed in the late 70’s to promote tourism, you can’t walk down a New York street without seeing someone wearing this design. So Iconic!

So why do some people follow, not lead? When it comes to brand new limited edition t-shirts such as the ones at C&D Tees, I know I would rather set the trend than be part of the flock, be unique.