Where does our inspiration come from?

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Where does our inspiration come from?

We do pride ourselves on the fact that each of our designs, are not only limited edition, but also each of the designs are hand drawn by our design team. On average we spend around 8 hours meticulously designing each one… but where does the inspiration come from? Well, I’ll tell you… long nights around a table in our local pub in Chichester!

One of the latest designs has to be one of my personal favourites, titled Eddie’s Place. For those of your who love the older movies, you may be familiar with one called The Hustler starring Paul Newman. The film tells the story of a small time pool hustler nicknamed ‘Fast Eddie’ who literally placed it all on the table to go head to head with one of America’s greatest ‘Minnesota Fats’

So the big question is… what do we think Eddie would do with his winnings? We have come to the conclusion he would open a Pool Bar in New York City, hence the new limited edition T-shirt, Eddie’s Bar!

Alongside all the movie trivia we have given you so far, here is also a little nugget of information, Paul Newman’s Rolex, the Cosmograph Daytona, last year was the most expensive watch ever auctioned at a whopping $17.8 Million. Many people say it is the holy grail among watch collectors, and was a present from his wife , actress Joanne Woodward… nice one Jo! you never know you may find a watch similar to this on Watches of Sussex one day.

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