Whoops! We opened a can of worms!

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Whoops! We opened a can of worms!

We called our company Cease & Desist as a tongue in cheek reference to some of our designs taking references from all sorts of music, film and art culture.

When we saw an old advert for an early Human League gig at the legendary Limit which Glenn Gregory had found and Martyn Ware posted on twitter, we thought it would make a great t shirt.

We went about redrawing the advert, paying close attention to detail, so that we could get a high res image good enough to print. We asked Martyn if he would mind us making a t shirt and he asked us to send him one, which we did. We didn’t realise we had opened an old can of worms. The Human League contacted us and told us that they would rather we didn’t make any more of them.

They were very nice about it. When you look at some of the terrible Human League t shirts available online it is odd to that they picked on ours. It was a real labour of love to get the image just right.

We didn’t just stick a copy of it on a shirt. In fact The League’s management said that ours was one of the better ones. But they had got the impression that Martyn had given us permission. He hadn’t really, he just hadn’t told us not to.

So we had a call from them. I think Martyn got a call from them as well. I hope they are all friends again now. I wouldn’t want it to be our fault that the very faint hope of a MK1 League reunion had gone forever. We will make a Heaven 17 one next time :)

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